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Test Driving the MyHeritage Reimagine Mobile App

 MyHeritage announced their new Photo mobile app (for iOS and Android) called Reimagine on Tuesday in Introducing Reimagine: An Innovative Photo App by MyHeritage.

According to the web site, "Reimagine harnesses the power of MyHeritage’s world-class AI technologies for improving historical photos, and boasts a powerful photo scanner that enables high-speed scanning of entire album pages. Reimagine is available on both iOS and Android."

The app links up to the MyHeritage Photos page on the MyHeritage website.  If you use the app and take photos of your photo album pages, the app adds them to the website.  The user can Repair, Enhance, Colorize, or Animate the individual photo either in the app or on the website.

1)  I downloaded the iOS mobile app on Tuesday to my iPhone and spent some time test-driving it.  MyHeritage indicated that after several scanning several album pages, that a subscription would cost $49.99 for one year (with a free week) and $7.99 for one month (without a free one week "test drive)." I took some screenshots of the app after test driving it:

Here is the home screen on the app (note that it already has my MyHeritage photos that are on the website after my test drive).

When I first used the mobile app and added album pages with black and white photos, it separated the photos, made them rectangular, gave me the option to Colorize, Enhance, and Repair them within the app (or I could do it later on the MyHeritage Photos webpage). 

2)  I could either upload photos to Reimagine from my iPhone, or I could Scan album pages or separate photos.  I chose to "Scan photos."

After the home screen, the subscription screen appeared:

I decided to do more work with it on a monthly subscription, which I can change at any time to a yearly subscription.

On Wednesday, I spent about 30 minutes taking photos with Reimagine of many more pages.  Here is one of them before I hit the "Scan more photos" button:

3)  After scanning about 30 album pages, the top of my Photos page on the MyHeritage website looks like this:

I found the photos of my mother on the example page above,.  In black and white one photo looked like this:

Here is the photo after repair, enhancing and colorizing:

I also added a date and a place, tagged the photo with her name, and added a photo description (not shown below the photo).

The quality of the original black and white photo affects the colorizing result.  Most of these photos were taken in the 1930s by my grandfather. The photo was relatively small, and there is not enough contrast between her dress and her arms and face in the original photo.  

After doing this, I can download the enhanced photo to my computer, rename it, and save it in my Photo computer files.

4)  I know that I scanned on my desktop scanner many of these black and white photos one at a time many years ago from this album.  However, I scanned almost all of the photos in this album using Reimagine so that I could easily enhance and colorize them.  Using Reimagine to scan an album page, and using the MyHeritage tools, is so much easier and faster than putting several photos on the printer/scanner, taking the scan image, separating the photos from each other, editing each photo if necessary, renaming each photo, and saving them in a computer file folder.

I have about 15 more photo albums to scan, plus piles of loose photos, so I may get a lot done this next month!!

5)  The one issue I have is with the file names of the photos.  They are all like "img_01.jpeg" with the number used again with the next photo scan of the next album page.  They go to the MyHeritage Photos webpage that way.  I now have a lot of photos named "img_01.jpeg!  I would like to see an ability to add a meaningful file name on the Photos page.

6)  I really like this Mobile App.  It turns a ten hour long scanning task into a one hour task plus it  provides the ability to repair, enhance, and colorize the photos, and add a date, place and description, and tag the persons in the photo.  


Disclosure: I receive a complimentary subscription to MyHeritage, and gave received other material consideration in past years. I uploaded my autosomal DNA raw data to their DNA product. This does not affect my objective analysis of MyHeritage products.  I am a subscriber to Family Tree Webinars and love it.

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