Sunday, March 31, 2024 Has a "My GPC Library" eBook Subscription Feature

 Genealogical Publishing Company in Baltimore, Maryland is a well-known publisher of over 2,000 genealogical books.  They have a relatively new eBook subscription feature called "My GPC Library," which includes 800 of the best titles in Genealogy and Family History.  

There is a short YouTube video about this feature:

The subscription options are:

📚 The Absolute Best Content:

  • Time tested titles from our 70 years of publishing
  • Books from the leading authorities like Elizabeth Shown Mills, Val Greenwood, Drew Smith and others
  • The very best quick reference guides from our At a Glance series

🔎 Tools to Find what you are looking for:

  • Global searching of all our eBooks – what a time saver!
  • Set Book marks, make Notes, and find Citations in every book!
  • Work online or remotely – and they stay in sync!

Breakdown of the major categories:

  • Industry leading how to books and manuals – an unsurpassed collection of more than 140 of our best titles that you cannot find anywhere else
  • More than 375 genealogy books on colonial American families
  • Over 239 books on New England or Mayflower genealogy
  • Nearly 200 immigration titles covering Colonial America to about 1865
  • Native American guides and records
  • The best collection of titles on Royal and Noble genealogy
  • More than 90 titles on Irish and Scottish genealogy
  • Guidebooks for African American genealogy and records of families prior to 1870
  • Nearly 800 titles in all, and growing
There are FAQs that answer the most common questions about this feature:

Here is the link to subscribe, or to get more information:


Disclosure:  I have received no remuneration or benefits for publicizing this feature and writing this post.  I do receive complimentary books for review from Genealogical Publishing Company from time to time.

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