Monday, June 17, 2024

I Can't Resist Creating a Genealogy Song... "Roots Run Deep"

 While reading Facebook this afternoon, I ran across Megan Smolenyak's post about creating Aritficial Intelligence genealogy-related songs on  

Apparently, Ashley Bens created this on Claude and a number of songs and created an album of her songs.  Others are experimenting with this too.  

You know me well by now - I can't resist doing something new with genealogy and family history, so here is my first genealogy song - Suno created it from a prompt, and titled it Roots Run Deep:

Note that it's not me singing, they are not my words, or music, but I asked it to make a song and this is  what the creative AI engine produced.  It does an excellent job of lyrics and singing than I could ever do.

I've done one more so far, and will play it in another blog post.  If you can't wait, it is also linked on my Facebook page.

I can't find the prompt now - I listed surnames and places of my ancestry (200 characters max.) 

What are the lyrics?  Here they are:

[Verse 1]
Randy searches in shadows
Names etched in dust on tombstones
Seaver whispers from the past
Carringer lines drawn long and fast

[Verse 2]

Hildreth calls from Killingly
Richmond winds in old Leominster
San Diego lost and found
Neath the echos these names resound


Oh the roads they wind so far
From Terre Haute to Auburn stars
Concordia dreams live and die
But ancestry never lies

[Verse 3]

Vaux stories in the night
Auble tales in moonlight so bright
Dill and Smith they weave their ends
History never bends


Drifting through the years we see
Ghosts of a forgotten tree
Places change but lines remain
Ties of blood like old refrain


Oh the roads they wind so far
From Terre Haute to Auburn stars
Concordia dreams live and die
But ancestry never lies

Enjoy (I hope)!!

Maybe we can have a Top-10 sing-along at the next genealogy conference, Mondays with Myrt, research group meeting, or webinar!  We could even have a weekly survey of new genealogy songs!!

It seems like the AI engine knows what the subject is all about.  The names don't match the places, but that's OK.  I can try again.  I wonder if I can add my own cover?  I think so!

Should this be a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge?  


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Louis Kessler said...

Randy, I think you've created a new genre of music: Country Genealogy

I wonder what would happen if you asked Suno to change the genre to Pop, or to Rock and Roll, or to Reggae.

Randy Seaver said...

I was planning on experimenting more with music genres and other prompts.