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"The Tale of Devier Smith" in AI-Created Rhyme and Song

 I woke up early (too early!) today thinking "I'll bet I can have an AI song and a poem about an ancestor using the same thoughts."  So I tried it.

The poem prompt was for my 2nd great-grandfather Devier Lanfear Smith (1839-1894), using facts from my research to highlight family, events, locations, etc.:

"Write a poem about Devier Lanfear Smith, an adopted son of Ranslow and Mary Smith, born in Henderson NY in 1839, lived in Burnett WI, lived in Concordia KS, lived in McCook NE, had a ranch in Wano, KS, died in 1894, a livery man, a horse trader, a rancher, a land speculator, a homesteader, husband of Abbey Vaux in 1861, father of Della, Davey, Matie, Lucian (died young) and Agnes (died young)."

The poem written by ChatGPT-4o is:

"In eighteen hundred thirty-nine, 'neath Henderson's sky so wide,
Devier Lanfear Smith was born, with fate his steadfast guide.
Adopted by Ranslow and Mary, his journey just begun,
A child of hope and endless dreams, like the rising sun.

"From New York’s green and wooded hills to Burnett’s sprawling plain,
He grew in strength and wisdom, through joy and through pain.
In Wisconsin's vast embrace, he carved a life so true,
A livery man, a horse trader, with skies forever blue.

"To Concordia, Kansas next, his ventures led him on,
A land of golden promise, where his spirit shone like dawn.
He traded, he speculated, with a keen and watchful eye,
The prairie winds would whisper, and the tall grass would sigh.

"In McCook, Nebraska's open arms, his roots began to deepen,
A homesteader, a rancher bold, with dreams that never weaken.
His ranch in Wano, Kansas, where the wild winds roamed free,
Became a testament to toil, and his unyielding legacy.

"In eighteen sixty-one, his heart with Abbey Vaux was bound,
A union rich with love and trust, in life’s true wealth they found.
Together they would nurture, and through joy and sorrow blend,
Their children, Della, Davey, Matie, blessings without end.

"Yet shadows touched his loving heart, as Lucian and Agnes passed,
Their spirits bright but fleeting, like echoes from the past.
Though grief would scar his tender soul, their memories held dear,
Within the heart of Devier, forever they’d be near.

"In eighteen hundred ninety-four, the final chapter closed,
A life of rich endeavor, where the prairie flowers grow.
Devier Lanfear Smith, a man of grit and grace,
Whose legacy of love and land, time cannot erase.

From Henderson to Wano, his journey bold and grand,
A pioneer, a loving heart, forever in the land.
A husband, father, homesteader, with spirit strong and free,
Devier’s name will linger on, in cherished memory.

 For the song, I had to shorten the prompt to have less than 200 characters to use on

"Devier Lanfear Smith, adopted son, Henderson NY, Burnett WI, Concordia KS, McCook NB, liveryman, horse trader, rancher, land speculator, homestead, husband of Abbey, father of Della and Davey."

And the song lyrics were:

"[Verse 1] "Devier Smith adopted son,
From Henderson to Burnett run,
Concordia's fields, McCook's sun,
Liveryman’s life had just begun.

"[Verse 2] Horse trader on the dusty trail, 
Rancher strong through wind and hail, 
Speculating land for those who fail, 
Homesteader’s dreams he’d unveil.

"[Chorus] Oh Devier oh Devier, 
From the plains to the prairie clear, 
With Abbey by his side so dear, 
Father of Della and Davey near.

"[Verse 3] Henderson days long in past, 
To Burnett’s paths shadows cast, 
Concordia’s dreams spreading fast,
In McCook he found love at last.

"[Verse 4] A rancher’s heart in open land,
Horse trader’s skill gentle hand, 
Liveryman through seasons grand, 
Homestead built on dreams planned.

"[Bridge] Through the fields of green and gold, 
A story of a life retold.
In the hearts of those he’d hold. 
Devier’s legacy unfold."

On, I could not request a different genre for some reason (probably user's error again), but the song video is:

I have now made five songs using prompts, so I have no more song credits left.  If you would like to try creating AI songs, please use this link ( so that I can obtain more credits and make more songs about my ancestors. For every prompt, Suno creates two songs with the same lyrics but with different voices and music.  Each song "costs" 5 credits at this time.   I don't see a way to buy credits yet.  

Why do I care?  Why do this?  For me it is "to honor our ancestors and inspire our family to realize that these important people in our lives, and theirs, did their best, overcame obstacles, worked hard, and succeeded in life. The challenge is to provide enough personal information to the AI engine to create a summary of their life in 200 characters or less."

I will put my AI-created songs on my YouTube channel so that they live on - in the hope that my relatives and descendants (daughters, children, grandchildren, brothers, niblings, cousins, and friends) will hear them and be inspired to write about their family members - whether in text, prose or verse, in AI or not.  I really am a sentimental guy.  

Disclosure:  I created the prompts, but the Artificial Intelligence sites ChatGPT and Suno created the words and the audio/video.  


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