Wednesday, June 19, 2024

RootsMagic Version 10 Is New!

 The RootsMagic blog announced today that a new version of the RootsMagic family tree desktop software has been released - RootsMagic 10.  

There is a video of What's New in Version 10 on the RootsMagic YouTube channel (watch below):

There are four other videos about different new features in RootsMagic 10 on the RootsMagic YouTube channel.

The new features in RootsMagic 10 include:
  • DNA Match Management: Record and analyze DNA matches, predict relationships, and generate reports using the Leeds method to help organize your genetic genealogy.
  • Health and Medical History Tracking: Document detailed health conditions for individuals with the ability to generate comprehensive family health history reports.
  • Advanced Search Features: Experience powerful new search capabilities, including rules-based searching and dynamic group management for more accurate and flexible data retrieval.
  • Enhanced Data Management Tools: Customize the display of names for different cultures, copy or move facts between individuals, and share facts with multiple people more efficiently.
  • Dynamic Group Features: Quickly refresh and update groups based on new data directly from the main screen without navigating through multiple forms.
  • Simplified User Interface: Enjoy a streamlined interface with improved color coding, easy navigation between color code sets, and enhanced editing features for a more intuitive user experience.
  • Context-Sensitive Help: Access help tailored to the specific screen or function you’re using, with both online and offline options to suit your needs.
Until 7 July, the cost for an upgrade to Version 10 is $20.00 (and after that $29.95).  

Until 7 July, the cost for a new RootsMagic user is $29.95 (and after that $39.95).

The user can download the RootsMagic Essentials Version 10 (with many crippled feaures) for FREE and update to the paid version at any time. 

Any existing RootsMagic data file will be read directly into Version 10, but it will change the file structure.  

I paid for, downloaded and installed the upgraded Version 10.  I saved my RootsMagic 9 file and copied it into a RootsMagic 10 file folder, and then renamed it there, before I opened the file in Version 10.


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Lisa S. Gorrell said...

As I was watching the video, I noticed on an edit person screen, a fact that was in red and strike-through. Do you know how that is created? Is that a version 10 feature or do we have it in 9?