Thursday, July 4, 2024

Independence Day - My 23 Known Revolutionary War Soldier Ancestors - Randy's Heroes

I have listed, and linked to my blog posts (in blue), my known Revolutionary War soldier ancestors:

Amazingly, each of them survived their wartime experiences.

I thank God for these men, the families that nurtured them, the wives and families that supported them, and the children who learned from them the importance of service and devotion to their country.

Thank you, gentlemen soldiers, and your families, for your service, devotion and courage.  I am proud of you, and wish that I had known you.  You've provided me with a wonderful ancestry, and I greatly appreciate it, every day, and especially this day!

Here is a poem created by Artificial Intelligence using ChatGPT-4o:

Randy's Revolutionary Heroes

Across the fields where freedom's light was won, Brave men arose to face the rising sun. With hearts resolved, they answered duty's call, For liberty and justice, gave their all.

Norman Seaver, with steadfast heart so true, Joined the fight for freedom, brave and new. Benjamin Seaver stood with valor strong, In battles fierce, he fought for right, not wrong.

Zachariah Hildreth, in the fray so bold, Carved his name in history’s book of gold. Isaac Buck, with courage undeterred, Fought for a land where liberty was stirred.

Phinehas Brigham, through the storm he pressed, With iron will and patriot’s zest. Thomas Dill, a beacon in the night, Guided by the torch of freedom's light.

Jeremiah Knowlton, resolute and brave, For independence, his all he gave. Ephraim Sawtell, in the face of fear, Stood his ground, his purpose ever clear.

David Kirby, soldier of the fight, Battled on through day and darkest night. Joseph Champlin, with a noble heart, In the quest for freedom, played his part.

Joseph Oatley, in the heat of war, Held the line and battled evermore. Martin Carringer, with courage grand, Fought for liberty throughout the land.

Phillip Row and Peter Putman too, In the fight for freedom, heroes true. Stephen Cutter, Stephen Feather brave, In the annals of our past, their names engrave.

Rudolf Spengler, with a steadfast hand, Fought to free our precious homeland. Phillip Jacob King, with a warrior's grace, Carved his mark in freedom's sacred space.

John Underhill, in battle’s fierce embrace, Held the line with honor and with grace. Burgess Metcalf, with a heart so bold, In the revolution's story, his tale is told.

To all these men, our thanks we dearly owe, For their courage let our gratitude show. They fought and bled to keep our country free, Their legacy, a beacon for you and me.

In fields of green and skies of azure blue, Their spirits soar, their hearts forever true. We honor them, with reverence and pride, For in their sacrifice, our freedom’s tide.


Copyright (c) 2024, Randall J. Seaver

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