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Probate Records of Mary Slocum (1657-1732) of Jamestown RI - Part 3

Here is the codicil to the will and a summary of the inventory of the personal estate of Mary Slocum (1657-1732) of Jamestown RI.


A codicil was written dated 7 November 1732. It reads:

"Be it known unto all men by these presents that I Mary Slocom of Jamestown in the County of Newport and Colony of Rhode Island being weak of body but of a perfect mind and memory and upon good and solid consideration upon the death of my son Joseph Slocom do add this small Codicil unto my last will and Testament made the fifth day of November one thousand seven hundred and Twenty Nine viz. My will is that all that part of my Estate given by my beforesaid will unto my son Joseph Slocom deceased be disposed of in manner and form as followeth viz.

"Item my will is that my Son Samuel Slocom shall have my great Bible.
"Item my will is that my Daughter Abigail Thomas shall have one score of sheep.
"Item My will is that my Grandson Thomas Rogers one Silver Spoon.
"Item my will is that the Child which my daughter inlaw Mary Slocom now goes with who is widow to my son Joseph Slocom if in case it should come of Age shall have one Cow and a Silver Spoon to lodged in the hand of my Executor.
"Item my will further is that my Grandaughter Desire Slocom daughter of my son Giles Slocom shall have one bed and beding thereunto belonging.
"Item I Give and bequeath all the rest and Residue of the aforesaid Legacy given unto my said son Joseph Slocom in my last will as aforesaid unto my son Giles Slocom and in Confirmation of the abovewritten I the said Mary Slocom in presence of the underwritten witnesses do pronounce and declare this addition a Codicil to my last will to be my real mind and will as witness my hand this seventh day of November One Thousand Seven hundred and thirty two.

.......................................... her
.................................. Mary + Slocom (seal)
....................................... mark

T. Hull
Amy Gibbs"

The will and codicil were presented to the Jamestown Council and approved on 22 November 1732:

"The within written last will and Testament of Mary Slocom was Exhibited in Council and Daniel Goddard and John Hammett two of the witnesses to the said will being in Council and Engaged according to Law Testifieth that they Saw Mary Slocom the Testator sign and seal the said will and declared the same to be her last will and Testament and that they then in her presence set their hands and seals thereunto as witnesses and also that they saw Peter Taylor sign thereunto as a witness at the same time and that at the Time of the Signing thereof she was in her perfect mind and understanding. And also Tiddman Hull and Amy Gibbs being witnesses to the Codicil annexed to the said will appeared in Council and being engaged according to Law Testified that they saw the said Mary Slocom sign and seal the said Codicil and that she then declared the same to be part and parcel of her said will and that she was at the time of the doing the same in her perfect memory and understanding and that at the same time they in her presence signed thereunto as witnessed whereupon the said will and Codicil was approved of and proved in Council attested by John Hammet Clerk of the County

Jamestown the 22 of November AD 1732."

An inventory of the personal estate of Mary Slocom late of Jamestown was taken on the 21st day of the 9th month of 1732 by the subscribers, Daniel Weeden and John Hammett. The four-page inventory totalled 674 pounds, 2 shillings, 6 pence. The largest items in the inventory were:

* her wearing apparel -- 30 pounds
* Cash -- 32 pounds
* Plate -- 81 pounds, 16 shillings
* Bond from Samuel Slocom -- 60 pounds
* Bond from David Green Junr -- 21 pounds
* bond from Joseph Clark -- 64 pounds
* bond from Edward (?) Thurston -- 52 pounds
* Bond from Samuel Harcord (?) -- 105 pounds.

The inventory was presented to the Council by the subscribers on 22 November 1732 and it was approved and recorded.

On 26 November 1732, the administration of the estate of Mary Slocom was granted to Samuel Dyre.


This concludes the probate records for Mary Slocum.

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