Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Best of the Genea-Blogs - Week of 2 September

I'm latew with my "regular" review of articles found on the genealogy blogs - I will be back on track next Sunday.

Here are my subjective selections of the best - informative, helpful, humorous, poignant - articles by genealogy bloggers for the week of September 2-8, 2007 - in no particular order:

* Tip: Easy Citations at WorldCat - from Denise Olson at Family Matters. I can never get citations right, it seems, in my notes, even with ESMs QuickSheet and book. This tip really helps!

* Michigan State Fair - Were Your Ancestors There? -- from Jasia at Creative Gene. This is a wonderful story about imagining what your ancestors experienced at earlier fairs.

* Olden Days of Computers -- from DearMYRTLE at the DearMYRTLE blog. The links to the APG mailing list archives are useful - lots of memories and experience here!

* Rules of Posting Genealogy Data Online - from Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. These are useful and helpful rules from an expert.

* Did Ancestry Violate Copyright Law? ... Prologue - from Craig Manson at Geneablogie. This is the first of at least four posts about the hot issue of late August. It is also a good summary of the issues that all bloggers need to understand.

* Genealogue Challenge #21 -- from Chris Dunham's The Genealogue. This series of genealogy challenges are wonderful and informative. Take some time and read them all. Unfortunately, by the time I read them, they've usually been solved by the East Coast readers.

* What is at HistoryKat? -- from Michael John Neill's This list of resources available at Matt Helm's subscription site is helpful.

* Genealogy Limericks -- from John Newmark at Transylvania Dutch. John accepted my challenge and created several limericks. He had other posts with Genealogy Haiku/Senryu and Genealogy Jenny. Good work!

* WorldVitalRecords & RootsMagic News -- Renee Zamora at Renee's Genealogy Blog provides the news that you can receive a free copy of RootsMagic software if you subscribe for 2 years to WVR for $49.95 before 17 September (when the WVR prices may increase). That is a pretty good deal!

That's it until next week. Please go read these posts, and the blogs, especially if you missed the posts when they were first written.

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