Monday, September 10, 2007

Making Family History

As many of you know, I've been on vacation in Northern California "making family history" with my wife's brother and then with our daughter and grandsons.

I was able to post fairly often from Paul's house using my laptop, but since we got to my daughter's house in Santa Cruz on Saturday afternoon, my computer time has been limited by family fun. Lucas' 4th birthday party was Sunday with several families with little ones and it was a lot of fun. Today was his first day at a new school, so we went down to Santa Cruz and drove around before coming back for shopping and lunch near our hotel. Then it was off to the swimming pool for the boys' lessons, out to dinner at a pizza parlor, to Baskin-Robbins for an ice cream cone (the boys sampled everybody's!), and then home for baths, games and books before their bedtimes.

I prepared the three posts about the probate records of Mary Slocum before we left, and the NGS NewsMagazine Table of Contents post, just in case I didn't have any time to post during the trip.

We will be home on Tuesday afternoon, and I should be able to post several items on Tuesday night and should be back in the blogging saddle by Wednesday.

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