Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More comments on FamilyTreeMaker 2008

Some of the more complete posts cataloguing what is NEW on FTM 2008, what was REMOVED from FTM 16 in 2008, and NEW PROBLEMS found in FTM 2008 were made by Fred (Krauss ?) on the NYDUTCHE mailing list (Dutchess County NY). Here are links to his posts:

1) What is NEW -

2) What was REMOVED --

3) What are NEW PROBLEMS --

Fred has done a lot of work putting these lists together, and he apparently had some help form others to identify the new items, the removed items and the new problems. I really appreciate his effort.

Researchers thinking about buying or upgrading FTM 2008 should review these comments and those of other users before making the purchase. I'm sticking with FTM 2005 for now.

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