Thursday, September 13, 2007

Leroy Thompson's Army Discharge Record

The second document obtained from my love-in-law Deb was her grandfather's "Honorable Discharge from the United States Army" form No. 525.

The form includes (handwritten items in red):

To All Whom It May Concern:

This is to Certify, That Leroy Thompson
(1305254) Private Co. "A" 113th M G Bn
The United States Army, as a testimonial of honest and faithful
service, is hereby Honorably Discharged from the military service of the
United States by reason of E.T.S. per U.S. Circular 103 Dec 3 1918
Said Leroy Thompson 1305254 was born
in Huntland, in the State of Tennessee.
When enlisted he was 31 years age and by occupation a Barber.
He had Blue eyes, Brown hair, Fair complexion, and
was 5 feet 8 inches in height.
Given under my hand at Fort Oglethorpe Ga this
12 day of April, one thousand nine hundred and Nineteen.

Signed: W. H. Hyder (?)
Major 113th M G Bn.

This is probably the earliest document available that lists Leroy's birthplace. The age given is 31 at time of enlistment in 1916, which translates to about 1885. His death certificate and Social Security Death Index entries say he was born in 1880.
UPDATED 9/16: The ETS line, per suggestion by John Syverson in comments. Thanks, John!


Anonymous said...

Randy! I have the original discharge of my Great Uncle from WW 1. Also his paybook. I can bring it for everyone to see if you would like - Art Roy

Unknown said...

Randy - I love your blog...
I'm a soon-to-ETS Army Reserves Captain. ETS stands for "End of Time in Service", and means I am leaving voluntarily because I have fulfilled my obligations. I you think the document might actually read "by reason of E.T.S. per US Circular 103"? Just a thought.

John M. Syverson
Saline, MI