Thursday, September 13, 2007

New England Ancestors - Fall 2007 Issue

The Fall 2007 issue (Volume 8, Number 4) of New England Ancestors, the magazine of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, arrived this week. It is chock full of interesting articles and features.

The Table of Contents for this issue includes:



* Page 19 - "Evictions and Forced Emigration: Landlord-Assisted Passage from Ireland" by Marie E. Daly

* Page 25 - "Three Brick Walls Solved!" by Margaret Horton Weiler, Betty Lou Morris and Betty Vadner Haas.

* Page 30 - "Dutch Naming Practices in Colonial New York" by Marian S. Henry

* Page 33 - "The Ancestry of Diana, Princess of Wales" by Richard K. Evans

* Page 35 - "Keeping Up to Date with" by Sam Sturgis and Susan Rosefsky

* Page 38 - "You Won't Be the First Member of Your Family in the Poor-House! Introducing The Eighteenth Century Records of the Boston Overseers of the Poor" by John W. Tyler.

* Page 40 - "Salem Poor (1743/44-1802): A Forgotten Hero of Bunker Hill Rediscovered" by David Allen Lambert

* Page 42 - "The Corpse in the Cellar" by Marilynne K. Roach


* Page 46 - "Computer Genealogist: Microsoft Word for Genealogists - An Improvement" by Alvy Ray Smith

* Page 48 - "Computer Genealogist Spotlight: Using the National Park Service Websites for Genealogy and Family History" by Connie Reik

* Page 49 - "Genetics & Genealogy: My 'Marginal' Mega mtDNA Match" by Ann Powers Turner, MD

* Page 52 - "Manuscripts at NEHGS: The Louise Bartlett Carruth Baxter Family Papers" by Timothy G.X. Salls

* Page 54 - "Bible Records at NEHGS: The Bush and Loomis Bible" by Robert Shaw

* Page 55 - "Tales From the Courthouse: The Case of the Terrible Tenants" by Diane Rapaport


This issue was chock full of interesting and useful information. I really enjoyed the three articles about solving specific brick wall problems. The most useful article for me was the one about Dutch Naming Practices - it applies directly to my Cornelia Bresee research problem and related families. The article about Diana's ancestry dropped a lot of names, but I was hoping to see an ahnentafel that would help me understand the relationships (and I'm still searching for a common ancestor, I can't help it!). The "Keeping Up to Date" articles include a summary of new features at and an article about the process of preparing records to put on the web site.

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