Thursday, August 21, 2008

Checking Out - Post 3

I posted last week (Post 1 and Post 2) about the new family tree application, which is part of the "empire." By far the most interesting thing I've learned about WebTree is that the GEDCOM entries in the database will be searchable on the subscription web site.

I didn't find much descriptive information in my first pass by this site, but the second time around I found some interesting "sales" info on through the "Learn more" link in the home page title block. The information includes (the actual page - no link available - contains some pictures):

"Here are some great things about

"* 100% FREE! aims to build the largest, community-driven family tree site on the Internet - and it starts with being free!

"* Beautiful Presentation! has built an unparalleled family tree browsing experience. Your family tree is presented online in the most modern and feature-filled presentation of any family tree site on the Internet. Viewing your family tree on the Web has never looked so good!

"* Software-Quality Charts! For the first time, you can build heirloom-quality charts on the Internet, with lots of custom options! After building a chart exactly to your liking, you can export it to a file to be printed or print directly to your printer, in full color. The world no longer needs expensive software to build charts you can be proud of!

"* Share with the World. gives you more options than ever to share your family tree. We're building the next-generation family tree community that helps you connect with other members in new and interesting ways - all the while, helping you find your ancestors. even enables you to embed your family tree into your own web site or blog (if you have one).

"If you'll kindly consider contributing your data, know that is committed to respecting your hard work. Here is our commitment to you:

* An absolute truth: You own your data. respects the hard work you've put into your family history and we're not about to take that away from you.

* You can delete your file at any time, no questions asked. Also, will never sell your data or burn it to CD. We're looking to build the most respectful family tree publishing site on the Internet and it starts with respecting our users! At any time, should you change your mind about contributing your data, you can remove it with just a few clicks.

* We hate junk mail too. We will never send you or any of the relatives in your family tree junk mail. We also protect our users' identities fiercely and would never sell your information to a third party.

* Your privacy is paramount. All trees published to never contain information on living individuals. Additionally, there are a number of privacy settings that you always have full control over.

" is here to help. Over the next few months, we'll be releasing a number of revolutionary features designed to help you publish, share and research your genealogy."

I had several comments concerning in my earlier posts that I cannot answer - perhaps a FamilyLink/WVR/WebTree person can:

* Ginger asked "...I was also wondering how the embedding your tree into a blog or website worked?"

* Abba-Dad asked: "...I couldn't see any source information for the data, so it doesn't seem like it will be more than another reference."

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