Monday, August 18, 2008

Genealogy classes at San Diego OASIS

I talked to SDGS/CGSSD member Pam Journey at the CGSSD meeting on Saturday, and she told me about two Genealogy oriented classes that will be held this fall as part of the OASIS adult education program in San Diego.

The two classes are:

* 32 Beginning Computer Genealogy
Registration opens 8/25/2008

Have you always wondered what information is available on the Internet about your family? How much do you really know about your family? Now is the time to find the answers to questions about your ancestors: where they lived, how they lived, how they came to the U.S. and lots more. Using the computer, you will learn how to find information on your family, organize that information, and share it with your current family. Knowing your ancestors is knowing yourself. The class will cover how to begin (always with yourself); how to use census records to connect the family today to earlier generations; and how to input the information you find into computer genealogy programs. You will want to bring birth, marriage, and death information regarding yourself and at least the next two previous generations to the class. If you don’t know all of these facts, we will work to fill in the blanks and move on. One warning should be given to prospective class members: This is a very addictive hobby—once started, the need to know more grows and grows. Come have fun, finding how you came to be you.
Instructor: Pam Journey
Monday 10/6/08 - 10/27/08 10:15 - 12:15
$42 4 Sessions Location:
OASIS Comp Lab


155 Beginning Genealogy—Family History
Registration opens 8/25/2008

Genealogy is the study of yourself. Beginning with you, you track the family members who created your life as it is today. Where did each of them come from; where did they marry; where did they die? Why did they move—or did they? These lessons will include methods for recording all the exciting facts about your ancestors. If you always wanted to write a book about your family, come to this class to learn how to gather, organize and create books on your family story. Bring to class any birth, marriage, and death information regarding yourself and at least the next two previous generations. Don’t worry if you don’t know or don’t have all these facts, we’ll help you find the pieces to the puzzle.
Instructor: Pam Journey
Thursday 12/4/08 - 12/18/08 1:15 - 2:45
$18 3 Sessions Location:

You need to be a member of OASIS to sign up for these classes. You can sign up for free at The MyOASIS for San Diego site is at

OASIS has a list of cities that it has classes - check

What is OASIS? The San Diego site says:

"OASIS is a unique educational program for mature adults who want to continue to learn and be productive during the best years of their lives. Membership is free and open to anyone 50 or older. Members receive a catalog of opportunities three times a year. You can join OASIS online.

"OASIS offers a broad range of stimulating educational classes - from the arts and humanities to wellness, fitness and travel. Pursue an old or new interest, learn how you can stay healthy and active, and make new friends. To find out about upcoming classes, browse our online catalog. "

This is a great opportunity for beginning genealogists to learn useful information to get them started doing genealogy the right way!

Do the adult education schools offer genealogy classes that you, or your society colleagues, might benefit from?

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