Sunday, August 17, 2008

Music in my Mind

It seems like I'm always "breathing" the last song I heard - it's stuck in my mind. Like right now, it's a hymn we sang in church - Amen! When the grandkids are here, it's usually a Wiggles song. This goes on for hours, it seems, without me being too aware of it, except when my mouth gets dry from breathing in and out. Sometimes other people even hear my monotone non-whistling breathing. Maybe they talk about it behind my back? I dunno.

Why am I telling you this? Well, Tim Abbott over at Walking the Berkshires posted about the "The Sound Tracks of my Salad Days" and listed his favorite albums from his earlier years. A meme started to post the music of your "days" on your blog, so this is my contribution to "what is your favorite music?"

My favorite music is '50s and '60s pop and rock music, plus a little country. I still like high energy pop, dreamy ballads, love stories, etc. Back when I started this blog in April 2006, I posted about my favorites from this time period. You can see my Top 4 favorites list for each year in:

* 1955-1959

* 1960-1964

Unfortunately, I stopped there. I never had any albums or many 45-rpm records for these songs - they played on the radio on the pop/rock stations in San Diego and Los Angeles (KDEO-910, KCBQ-1170, KGB-1360 in San Diego, KFWB-980, KRLA-1110 in LA). We listen to an oldies station occasionally and have a great time.

I stopped really listening to a lot of pop music when I got married - I had other ways to occupy my time. I've never liked the rock music from the late 1960's onward - the drug-caused, anti-authority and wild guitar stuff. That wasn't me - the traditional, responsible, orderly family guy. When the babies came in the mid-70's, my radio time was limited to going to work and back, and was mainly the pop and news stations. When I retired, I got an iPod and downloaded a bunch of these songs from the 1950s and 1960s but I haven't listened to them for over a year now.

If you see me with my lips open and a semblance of a tune coming out, please ask me what's playing in the music in my mind. You may be surprised!

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