Friday, August 22, 2008

MyHeritage upgrades their photo management

I posted previously about the MyHeritage facial recognition software and the mega-search of genealogy databases. MyHeritage also has online family trees for free upload and search on their site.

The MyHeritage blog has a post about improved photograph management. It reads in part (from 11 August 2008):

"Today we're excited to unveil an array of improvements in photo management on MyHeritage, that will enhance your pleasure of viewing and sharing your photos. The new and improved Photos tab of your family website provides several features that have never before been seen on any genealogy or photo sharing website. These new features include:

"* A fully integrated, web-based photo browser
* Photo tagging with automatic face detection technology
* Face Cloud - a fun way to view the people in your photos
* Full access to photo albums from within your family tree
* Enhanced photo search"

If these interest you, please go read the blog post that has many more details, including examples.

The examples look intriguing. I haven't taken the time to crop some of the photographs in my collection to add to my family tree programs. Now here comes MyHeritage to do it for me - all I have to do is upload some pictures, tag the faces, and they'll appear on my family tree on MyHeritage. Now if I could only get them into FamilyTreeMaker and Legacy I would be all set!

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