Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Table of Contents for New England Historical and Genealigcal Register - July 2008

The Table of Contents for the July 2008 issue of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register (Volume 162, Number 3, Whole Number 647), published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, includes:

Page 163 - Editorial

Page 164 -- The English Origins of Elizabeth Dowse, Wife of Governor Samuel Allen of New Hampshire, by Martin E. Hollock.

Page 174 -- Gowen Wilson of Hingham, Exeter and Kittery, by Ken Stevens

Page 181 -- The Mays of Washington, Massachusetts, and the Parents of Nancy (May) Fletcher and Susan (MAy) Seagers, by Christopher Challender Child.

Page 187 -- Richard Godfrey of Taunton, Massachusetts, and His Children and Grandchildren, by Helen Schatvet Ullman.

Page 199 -- A Husband for Abigail Pattee: James Lamb of the 78th Regiment of Foot (Fraser's Highlanders), by Virginia M. Ryan and Marie Lollo Scalisi.

Page 204 -- Richard Scarrit of New London and Branford, Connecticut, by Diane Leblanc Delbridge.

Page 212 -- Identifying Mercy, Wife of Thomas Hinckley of Harwich, Massachusetts, As Mercy (Bangs) (Hinckley) Cole, by Glade Ion Nelson (concluded from 162:112).

Page 222 -- New England Articles in Genealogical Journals in 2006, by Henry B. Hoff.

As always, this peer-reviewed scholarly journal finds interesting and helpful articles for the New England researcher, even if they aren't his families (they almost never are it seems). I do have a probable connection to the Bangs and Cole families through my elusive Elizabeth Dill.

I usually find a research nugget or two when I review the articles. One of the clues in the Abigail Pattee article was a diary entry of her brother, Matthew Patten, which refers to her as "Sister Lamb." In this article, there is also the reminder that colonial women may have married English soldiers.

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