Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Tree Maker 2010 Release and Tutorial

Like many other bloggers, I received the email notifying us that Family Tree Maker 2010 has been officially released. You can read the press release at Miriam's Ancestories blog here (I'm trying to spread the blog love around!).

The Family Tree Maker website has an Overview of the software here. There is also a video Tutorial of the software at

The tutorial is a quick way to learn what features are in FTM 2010 and how to navigate the program effectively. As we know from our own tutorials, it's harder than it looks!

There are eight modules in the tutorial - Workspaces, Building (family), Building (Person), Places, Media, Sourcing, Publish and Web Search. I recommend that you view them in order.

You can buy Family Tree Maker 2010 from the Ancestry Store. They're offering free shipping for a limited time. I bought mine yesterday!

I will do some screen shots and commentary on the important changes to FTM 2010 after I receive the software.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Hopefully the free shipping will last until I go back to work next month. I've decided to go with FTM so I'll be interested in what you think. I am hoping that with a large file that 2010 is much faster than 2008!

Ben Walker said...

I ordered it yesterday also. This morning I looked on and they list 2010 "essentials" for $29.95 with free shipping (pre-release price). Do you know what the difference is between this and what ancestry is selling for $39.95?

Unknown said...

By compareing the package fronts of the different FTM 2010 products it appears that the one Ancestry is offering is the FTM 2010 Deluxe. I found this by checking and they show a different cover for each product. As of today 9/18/09 their price for the Deluxe is $69.99. Thanks for asking, this made me look it up and now I will buy from Ancestry.

C Kopcho said...

Take note if you have a new computer. I have FTM 2009 and ordered the 2010. I also bought a new computer to meet all the requirements suggested by Ancestry. I am now trying to install 2010 and my system won't take it. It appears my new system is 64 bits and prior systems were 32 bit systems. From my conversation with HP tech people they think the problem is the size of the bit system. I am still working on it. I did start to install my old program in the new system from the disc and it does start the install? I'm not sure why the old program will install but the new one won't??

FranD said...

Hi Randy,
I think we used to correspond years ago on Prodigy.
Here is my BIG complaint with 2010.
I just got the upgrade from 2009 to 2010 today. The ONLY reason I bought it was because of this: "The relationship calculator takes the difficulty out of working out how all of the members of your family tree are related - with just a simple click the relationship calculator tells you how all the family members in your tree are related to each other."
NOT brother and I have two 4th great-grandfathers who are brothers. One line to my father and the other to my mother. The two relationships the tool shows (1) brother (2) "Grand nephew of husband of aunt of wife of husband."
My brother and I are actually 6th cousins.