Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Twile Family Tree Infographic - American Style

I received this information from Twile yesterday:


Twile launch American infographic for Independence Day

Doncaster: 4th July 2017

Family history timeline Twile have today released a brand new feature to celebrate Independence Day in the US.  Twile’s infographic, designed to help family historians share their research and engage younger generations, is now available in red, white and blue, with the American stars and stripes.

The personalised family infographic is free and available to everyone – whether currently using Twile or not – at https://twile.com/numbers/american. Visitors can simply import their FamilySearch tree or upload a GEDCOM file to automatically generate their infographic.

Designed for sharing online and with family, Twile’s infographic includes statistics such as the average number of children per family, the most common surnames, the ratio of men to women and the average age of marriage. Now available in the colours of Ireland, England and America, users can create a digital version or order a print.

In addition to the new infographic, Twile’s timeline of the American Revolutionary War is available at https://twile.com/timeline/americanrevolutionarywar. The timeline shows the story of the American Revolution and Twile users can also overlay the timeline onto their own family history timelines, to see the lives of their ancestors in the context of what was happening in the country around them. Users will be able to see their ancestors’ milestones alongside events such as the Boston Tea Party and the first Independence Day Celebration in 1777.


Here is my own Twile infographic (American style) based on the family tree (5 generations of ancestors and 2 generations of descendants) that I uploaded to Twile some time ago:

The URL for this post is:  http://www.geneamusings.com/2017/07/my-twile-family-tree-infographic.html

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Wendy Callahan said...

Twile is such a fun and powerful tool. I love what you've done here. I think family historians can do some amazing stuff with it. It's something I really ought to play with too!