Thursday, March 3, 2022

First Look At Ancestry and Photomyne Photo Enhancements announced at RootsTech today that they have partnered with Photomyne to provide photograph enhancement (restore and colorize) features to Ancestry Member Tree photos on the website and the Ancestry mobile app, in addition to other Photomyne features.  You can read the Ancestry press release in Ancestry® Integrates Photomyne’s Best-in-Class Technology to Help Mobile Customers Upload, Scan, Enhance and Share Family Photos.

In this post, I want to show a comparison between the original photographs and the enhanced photographs on my Ancestry Member Tree.

It is very easy to enhance the photographs that are in the Gallery of a profile on your Ancestry Member Tree.  Here is a photograph of my parents in black and white in the Gallery:

All you have to do is click the "Tool" icon on the screen (below the "Hire an Expert" link) and select "Edit Photo."  An "Edit Image" panel appears on the right and you can select "Colorize," "Restore" or "Enhance."  I chose "Enhance" which does both functions.  Here is the enhanced photo:
You can then "Save" the enhanced photo to your Ancestry Member Tree profile Gallery.  You can also Download either or both images to your computer using the "Tools" icon.

Easy-peasy - it takes only seconds.  

Here are several other photo comparisons I made using this technology:

This works well for black and white photos and for color photos.  

I showed these photos in my Ancestry Stories post on Tuesday in #MyAncestryStory Debuts on the Ancestry Mobile app.


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Genealogy TidBits said...

Am I the only one not seeing this feature on my Ancestry Member Trees?