Thursday, June 15, 2023

Dear Randy - Who Are Your Favorite Genealogy Bloggers?

 Actually, the question was "I noticed that you didn't make it to the list of the Family Tree Magazine 101 Best Genealogy Websites of 2023 in the "Best Genealogy News Websites and Blogs" category.  So who are your favorite genealogy bloggers?"

Yep, Genea-Musings wasn't listed again, but then Dick Eastman wasn't listed for some reason.  And at least one of the blogs selected last had posts in 2021 and before.  Several top genea-bloggers were listed in other categories, such as Roberta Estes 

In general, my favorite genea-bloggers are those who post regularly (at least weekly, and preferably daily), those who post about their research experiences, and those that try to stay up-to-date with genealogy records, tools and technology, including family tree software, mobile apps and DNA analysis.

There are too many "favorites" for me to list here (and I would hate to not include deserving genea-bloggers) and the list would be very long - maybe 100 to 200 blogs.  Most of my favorite genea-bloggers occasionally are included in my Best of the Genea-Blogs weekly curated list.  

Some of the genealogy providers and software companies have excellent blogs that I often don't include on my Best Of list - for example, American Ancestor's Vita Brevis, GenealogyBank, Legacy News, MyHeritage Blog and FamilySearch blog, but these blogs are peripheral to the website's content.  

There are also genealogical websites that include podcasts, radio shows, and genealogy videos on Facebook and YouTube.  Many former genea-bloggers now use Vlogs to broadcast their content.  I try to highlight them in my weekly Genealogy Education Bytes (example here) posts.

I have about 950 genealogy blogs in my Feedly news reader, but many of them are dormant or removed.  I need to update the list more frequently, I fear.

What excellent genealogy blogs should I be reading?  What other genealogy blogs should Family Tree Magazine consider for inclusion on their 2024 list?


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