Thursday, June 15, 2023

Treasures in the Closet - My Mother's Paperweight

 After my mother died in early 2002, we emptied her house and sold it, and I took home the "family history stuff" that nobody else wanted.  It included collections from her grandparents, parents, and her own family life.

One of the treasures that I found in the closet of my genealogy cave (which had been my daughter's bedroom before 1997) was a shopping bag with the photographs and artifacts that were on the nightstand, dresser countertop, living room countertop and table, and family room countertops that my mother displayed.

One of the artifacts was a glass paperweight, about 4 inches wide and two inches high, with a photograph embedded in the glass:

The photo embedded in the glass shows four young girls dressed in choir robes, with a songbook of some kind, and it is labeled "The Choristers."  The girls look like they are 6 to 8 years old.  I don't know when the photograph was taken or who the four girls are.

Why would my mother have this paperweight if it wasn't really special to her?  She did sing and play the piano, taking lessons and giving recitals as a young girl.  

Is she one of the four girls?  She might be the girl on the right.  If so this photo is probably from the period 1925-1928.  Was it a school project of some sort?  

Or is it a commercial item that she found in a store and liked it?  

Everything else in the shopping bag were framed family photos of her grandparents, parents, herself, children, and grandchildren.

'Tis a mystery!!!


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