Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Genealogy Education Bytes - Week of 9 to 15 May 2024

 Welcome to Genealogy Education Bytes, posted on Wednesday afternoon for the past week, where we try to highlight the most important genealogy and family history education items that came across our desktop since the last issue.

1) Upcoming Conferences, Institutes and Seminars

Conference Keeper Calendar

2 ) Upcoming Seminars, Webinars and Online Classes (times are US Pacific):

Conference Keeper Calendar - has many links to register for and/or view webinars and classes.

 FamilySearch Library Classes and Webinars 

*  Family Tree Webinars - Friday, 17 May, 11 p.m.:  The Mexican National Archive (AGN): A Resource for Genealogists by Nefi Arenas Salazar.

*  Family Tree Webinars - Tuesday, 21 May, 5 p.m.:  Editing Your Own Writing – Part 1 by Thomas W. Jones.

*  Family Tree Webinars - Wednesday, 22 May, 11 a.m.:  A Tour of Goldie May’s Genealogy Power Tools by Richard Miller.

3) Recent Podcasts/Radio Shows:

*  Family Tree Magazine:  

4) Recent YouTube Videos:

*  Applied Genealogy Institute:  AppGen Moment: Nudges in PPT

*  DearMYRTLE's Archive:  Mondays with Myrt - 13 May 2024

*  Ellen Thompson-Jennings - Family History Hound:  You Won't Believe What I Found In My Grandmother's Jewelry Box

*  Genealogy Quick Start:  Deeds & County (Shamele)

*  Genealogy With Amy Johnson Crow:  How to Know You ACTUALLY Found the RIGHT Person

*  National Genealogical Society:  Have you Decided Which GRIP Course to Take?

*  Professional Genealogist Reacts:  Reviewing DNA Test Results and Genealogy Questions

*  The Formidable Genealogist:  Female Naturalization Records | Formidable Genealogy

5) Did you miss the last post in this series - Genealogy Education Bytes -  2 to 8 May 2024?


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