Friday, February 10, 2017

Day 3 at #RootsTech 2017 Photos

Here are some of the photographs from the RootsTech 2017 Expo Hall.

One of the significant changes from past years is the proliferation of small in-Expo theaters.  Lisa Louise Cooke started this several years ago, and now most of the major companies and some of the smaller companies have a small theater, with a large screen and microphone and 10 to 30 chairs, in their exhibits.  There is a lot of education going on in these theaters and a lot of customer-to-supplier information exchanged.

1)  Here is Russ Worthington teaching in the Family Tree Maker 2017 exhibit:

2)  One of the FamilySearch theaters:

3)  Diahan Southard teaching about DNA in Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems theater:

4)  Paul Woodbury teaching about DNA in the MyHeritage exhibit theater:

5)  At most conferences, geneabloggers collect the ribbons and attach them to their naetag badge.  Roger Moffat has the longest "tail" that I've seen so far this RootsTech - it's down to the floor, but then he's relatively short.  Don't look at his socks; I think he has another pair juyst like that at home.

6)  Linda came over to the Expo Hall today and I introduced her to Jim Shaughnessy of Findmypast who worked on her story in the Findmypast brochure:

7)  Near the main entrance, a young man dressed as a tree was advertising the new online family tree program called RootsFinder; if you look closely, you can see three birds on his branches:

I have more photos, but I'll share them another time.


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