Saturday, February 11, 2017

Photos From Day 4 (Saturday) at #RootsTech 2017

Here are some photos from Saturday, the final day, of RootsTech 2017.

1)  Tim Sullivan was the first Keynote speaker, and highlighted a new feature on AncestryDNA called Genetic Communities.  These are areas where persons have similar genetic characteristics:

2)  Another Keynote speaker today was CeCe Noore of DNA Detectives:

3)  In the Expo Hall, here are DearMYRTLE and Linda Stufflebean:

4)  And Linda Stufflebean and me (shoot, eyes closed):

 5)  Abraham Lincoln was cruising the Expo Hall - here he is (Scott Fisher) and me:

6)  Two of my Aussie genea-mates - Jennie Fairs and Jill Ball:

7)  Me and Cheri Passey:

8)  Mr. Myrt (Gordon Erickson) and Roger Moffat, who has the longest collection of ribbons ever, I think - over 60:

9)  David Rencher and the Ancestry Insider:

10)  Tami Osmer Mize and cohort at the JoyFLIPS exhibit:

11)  Caroline Brooks (in red) at the Twile exhibit:

12)  Lisa Louise Cooke and Amie Bowser Tennant at Lisa's Genealogy Gems exhibit:

That's enough for now.


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