Saturday, February 11, 2017

Photos From the #RootsTech 2017 MyHeritage Party

MyHeritage threw the second annual After Party on Friday night in Salt Lake city.  There was food, drinks, games, discussion, prizes and karaoke throughout the night.

Here are some of my photos from the evening:

1)  Here Linda and I are at our table - we had glow in the dark halos at this time:

2)  One of the best karaoke performances was by Jennifer Alford and Kathryn Hogan - I don't remember what the song was:

3)  Elizabeth Swanay O'Neal and Linda at our table:

4)  Kim Hovorka, Maureen Taylor, Janet Hovorka and Kathy Hinckley at their table:

5)  Dean Richardson, Amy Lenertz, AC Green and Michelle Goodrum:

5)  Devon Noel Lee and Amy Lenertz:

6)  Russ Worthington and me :

 7)  Caroline Brooks of Twile presented me with the printed Twile Infographic:

I didn't take many more photos at the party.  We sat fairly far away and were not facing the stage so I missed taking photos of many of the karaoke performances - I know David Lambert had a fantastic performance.

Our thanks to MyHeritage for hosting an excellent party!


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Sheri Fenley said...

Seaver! In photo #4 the other person is Kathy Hinckley, executive director of APG.