Thursday, February 9, 2017

Photos From Day 2 at #RootsTech 2017

I took only a few photos today at RootsTech 2017 because I've been "chained" to my place in the Media Hub, except for getting out for my MyHeritage talk, the MyHeritage lunch, and an interview.

Here are some of today's photos:

1)  Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage and myself - a selfie:

 2)  Laila Christensen from Norway and myself - a selfie:

 3)  Andy and Devon Noel Lee ("A Patient Genealogist" working in the Media Hub - they have shirts that say "Family History Fanatic":

4)  The view from the Media Hub toward the world's largest family tree - right across the aisle:

 5)  The view from the Media Hub toward the MyHeritage exhibit:

Tonight we are off to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance at 8 p.m. at the Conference Center.  I hope it doesn't rain.


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