Thursday, February 9, 2017

Linda's Family is in the Findmypast Brochure at #RootsTech

My wife, Linda, was really surprised this morning when I showed her the Findmypast brochure that was in the RootsTech 2017 registration bag.  One of her ancestral families is featured on the inside of the brochure.  Here is the inside:

There are three panels - Linda's story is on the left side, Lisa Louise Cooke's story is on the right side, and photographs from both stories are in the middle panel.

Here is a larger shot of the left-hand panel with Linda's family story:

Linda's story begins in 1780 in Lancashire in England with the baptism of Jane Haslam, continues throguh her two marriages and then the birth of twins in 1821, and the marriage of Rachel Morley in 1840 to Alexander Whittle, then their journey to Australia in 1840, and their migration to California in the early 1850s.  Rachel and Alexander had a daughter Jane Whittle in 1847 in Sydney, and she married in the California Gold country in 1865 to Elijah McKnew.  Elijah and Jane (Whittle) McKnew are Linda's great-grandparents.

The middle panel in a larger shot:

The photo on the top right is Linda's great-grandparents, Elijah and Jane, with their children outside their home in San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake.  The young lady on the left is Linda's grandmother, Edna.  The picture on the lower left is of Edna and Paul Schaffner's family in the 1930s, with Linda's mother, also Edna, in the photo.  The picture on the lower right is of Jane (Whittle) McKnew at the time of her marriage in 1865.  The other two photos are from Lisa's family story.

How did this happen?  I was contacted by Findmypast several months ago asking if I had an interesting family story that encompassed more than one continent.  I had several from my own research, and this one of Linda's heritage, that traces from England to Australia to America.  They liked it, and I supplied a timeline and photographs to support the brochure.  And the rest is history!

Thank you to Findmypast for the opportunity to share my wife's interesting ancestral story.


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aayancey said...

I am a bit behind in reading posts and just got to this one. I am blown away. This is SO cool! Congrats! And, thanks for all the wonderful RootsTech posts!