Wednesday, July 31, 2019

MedBetterDNA Chrome Extension Improved to Show Full AncestryDNA Match Notes

I really liked the MedBetterDNA Chrome extension to display AncestryDNA Notes before AncestryDNA changed their DNA Match display.  After the change, the display of Notes were limited to two lines of about 30 characters, even though there might be Notes longer than 60 characters.  All of my Notes are longer than 60 characters!

Today, I heard that the MedBetterDNA extension has been modified to display all of the Notes on the AncestryDNA DNA Match page.  See the MedBetterDNA 5.1 update allows full length notes display on DNA results summary article for full details on the Devore Software & Consulting blog.

I quickly installed the Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Store.  I had to uninstall the old version and then install Version 5.1.  This took just seconds.  Then I right-clicked the newly installed MedbetterDNA icon (in the top right-hand corner of my Windows screen) and clicked on the option to show the full notes.

Here is the top of my AncestryDNA DNA Matches screen showing the full notes for my DNA Matches

As you can see, the full Notes are showing on the right-hand side of the screen for my DNA Matches.  The user cannot edit the Notes from the DNA Matches screen.

I clicked on the username of the first match, and saw the information for that match:

Unfortunately, the MedBetter DNA extension does not show all of the Note on this screen.  

The user can edit the Note on the specific DNA Match page by clicking on the "Note" icon under the colored dots at the top of the page.  I opened the Notes screen and saw:

I can edit the Notes, and then have to "Save" the Note.  The Note field permits 500 characters. 

MedBetterDNA is an excellent Chrome extension to help users see the full Notes they have entered for their DNA Matches.  


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Barbara said...

Thanks for the notification, Randy. Will update this right now!

Team Spice said...

Oooh, Like this. Happy, happy, happy! Thanks, cousin!