Thursday, August 1, 2019

Is UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Related to Me? Well, Yes!

Boris Johnson was just named the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and American Ancestors released a press notice about his American ancestry here. 

I wondered if I am related to Boris.  So I went to, put Boris Johnson's name in the search box, and within two minutes had the answer.  Here is the relationship string between me and my 10th cousin Boris Johnson:

So Boris Johnson and I are 10th cousins!  The common ancestors in this relationship string are our 9th great-grandparents John Hubbard (1630-1702) and Mary Merriam (1630-1721).  I descend from Jonathan Hubbard (1659-1728) and Boris descends from his brother, Daniel Hubbard (1661-1744).

Is anyone else related to Boris Johnson?


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Marian B. Wood said...

10th cousin! Blimey.

John said...

I'm a 10th cousin three times removed.
Boris descends from Elizabeth Scudder and Samuel Lathrop.

Elizabeth Scudder's parents were Elizabeth Stoughton and John Scudder.
I descend from Joanna Chamberlain and Richard Betts. Joanna's parents were Elizabeth Stoughton and Robert Chamberlain.

I also note the Betts surname in the charts American Ancestors provides, so I could be related to him that way as well.