Thursday, January 12, 2023

A Blast From the Past -- The Visit to TGN (Ancestry) in January 2009 by Genealogy Communicators

Here is a genealogy memory article for one of my most interesting and memorable visits to Salt Lake City.

 It was a cool and breezy week in Salt Lake City in January 2009, but this semi-rookie genealogy communicator was honored by The Generations Network (now to be invited for the sharing of the status of with 7 other communicators on a "Bloggers Day."  I also met a number of excellent genealogists who were gathered the same week for SLIG, and made several visits to the Family History Library to perform research.

I was looking through my "Memories" on Facebook today, and found the links to my Genea-Musings blog posts highlighting the five days of my visit.  Here they are for your reading pleasure.  

*  Day 1 in Salt Lake City

*  Day 2 in Salt Lake City - a Visit to TGN - Part 1

*  Day 2 in Salt Lake City - A Visit to TGN - Part 2

*  Day 2 in Salt Lake City - A Visit to TGN - Part 3

*  Day 3 in SLC - the TGN Dinner and FTM 2009

*  Day 3 in SLC - the Family History Library

*  Day 4 in SLC - a day of football, food and good company

*  Day 5 in SLC - Back to the FHL, and a treat

Diane Haddad of Family Tree Magazine took some photos at the TGN meetings, including this one of the "Communicators" group with several TGN leaders:

As you can see, this was an august group of Ancestry leaders and communicators.  Can you name all of them?  Please put your guesses in the comments.  I will identify all of them in a future comment.

This was my first real foray into the genealogy community as a 3-year-old blogger, and it was one of my very best experiences in Salt Lake City ever (I had been there twice before for FHL research, and went to RootsTech in-person and the FHL from 2011 to 2018, and 2020).

The Ancestry leaders were very open about what they did, how they did it, and what the future held for, and encouraged the Bloggers to write about what they saw and heard.  Did all of their predictions come true?  

I may do more of these "Blast From the Past" posts in the future.


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GeneGinny said...

I recognize a few of the group, but not many. Would you please provide the names? Curious to know how many are still active.