Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Family History Library Photos - Geneabloggers!

Here are some photographs of Geneabloggers at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, 1 February, before the RootsTech 2012 Conference:

1)  I found Jill Ball (http://geniaus.blogspot.com) on the bottom floor (B2) of the FHL (her husband was there too, and took the picture):

2)  Somehow, my Knapp research colleague Russ Worthington (http://ftmuser.blogspot.com and http://worthy2be.wordpress.com) managed to find us down on B2:

3)  Sitting at the same table was Banai Feldstein (.http://idogenealogy.com/blog/):

4)  Right after lunch, I was wandering around the main floor and lookee who I found on her first visit to the FHL (www.elysesgenealogyblog.com):

Please read their blogs for their FHL and RootsTech 2012 experiences.

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