Wednesday, February 8, 2012

RootsTech 2012 Photos - Geneabloggers!

I didn't take as many pictures at RootsTech 2012 as I wanted to, but I did take some, mostly around the Media Hub ("Blogger Island."  Here are some from my iPhone camera:

1)  The Media Hub from the left side of it.  There were two tables for bloggers, and two booths for interviews (video and audio).  I don't know who these people are at the table - there were non-genealogy bloggers.  This photo shows the video booth:

 2)  This is the right side of the Media Hub.  You can see the RootsTech minder (they controlled entry to the Media Hub) on the right in the chair.  You can see Drew Smith in the audio booth behind the table.  i think that is FamilySearch CEO Dennis Brimhall leaning over someone at the table, perhaps taking a piece of candy from the blogger stash (we were well provided for by FamilySearch!):

3)  One of the genea-bloggers I really enjoyed meeting and talking with was Lynn Palermo (The Armchair Genealogist) in front of the Unconferencing Board:

4)  Thomas MacEntee was interviewed by the RootsTech television crew.  The balloons above their heads are in the MyHeritage booth:

5)  At the Geneablogger table, DearMYRTLE (DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog) and Audrey Collins (The Family Recorder) are standing behind Jill Ball (Geniaus) and Amy Coffin (The We Tree Genealogy Blog):

6)  Genea-Musings reader and geneablogger Kay Haden (Leaves of the Tree) and myself.  We're distant cousins on several lines:

7)  Thomas MacEntee talking to several of his genea-fans, with Jay Verkler (blue shirt) and Bruce Buzbee (RootsMagic) in the background, Kim von Aspern (Le Maison Duchamp) standing, and Kerry Scott (Clue Wagon) and Denise Levenick (The Family Curator) in the foreground in deep discussion:

8)  Julie Cahill Tarr (GenBlog) and Kimberly Powell (Kimberly's Genealogy Blog) in deep discussion, while Thomas checks his calendar (while wearing his genea-jester hat):

9)  Lisa Louise Cooke (Genealogy Gems Podcast) going through the new MyHeritage material with Gilad Japheth:

That's enough for now!  I'll have more pictures tomorrow!

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Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Great! Thank you, so much! ;-)

Lynn Palermo said...

Ahhh, Thank you Randy, I really enjoyed talking with you as well.

Lynn Palermo said...

oh, and I have I told you I love the new look on the blog.

Kerry Scott said...

My goodness...I barely noticed the photos, because the blog looks so amazing. I love the new look!

cindy said...

I really like your blog's new look! Fantastic!
I also enjoyed the update from RootsTech. Almost like being there!

Schelly Talalay Dardashti said...

Hi, Randy

Thanks for the pointer to our fabulous MyHeritage balloons!

It was great to see you again. Looking forward to Jamboree!

And love the new blog look also!

Best wishes
Schelly Talalay Dardashti

Sharon said...

I really enjoyed your pictures of RootsTech. It is nice to see some of the peoples pictures that went. I traveled with you through your pictures. Thanks for Sharing!!!

Peter said...

You(r blog) never looked so good!

GeniAus said...

Love the facelift, Randy.