Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - Download and Read the RootsTech 2012 Syllabus

This week's Tuesday's Tip is to:  Download, and then read, the articles in the RootsTech 2012 Syllabus.  It's FREE!

RootsTech 2012 broke with many traditions - and one of them benefits every researcher that takes the time to download the syllabus files.  The entire syllabus (almost every presentation, but not all -  notably the Keynotes) is available at http://rootstech.org/downloads.  It's not known how long this will be available, so finish reading my blog and go download it now.

Under the "Session Syllabi" heading is a link to download

"RootsTech-AllSyllabi.zip (ZIP - 82MB)
Every RootsTech 2012 Syllabi, organized by day and time."

The 82 mb file should download to your computer.  Be sure to put them in an appropriate file folder (mine are in Education > Conferences > RootsTech 2012).  There are three file folders - one for each day, and those folders contain file folders for each presentation, and each one of those contains PDF or DOC files.  

Instead of downloading the entire Syllabus file, you can also click on the Schedule link (http://rootstech.org/schedule) and go to each presentation and download the individual syllabus article for the presentation.  

I've spent several enjoyable hours reading through quite a few of the articles, and have printed out a number of them for my voluminous and overflowing files.

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Becky Thompson said...

This is such a good reminder for those who didn't attend RootsTech. I downloaded the syllabus and also printed it and read it all the way to Salt Lake last Wed. What better reading is there? A copy will go in our local Family History Center too. Such a gift.