Monday, February 6, 2012

Interesting RootsTech 2012 Blog Posts

There has been a wealth of really interesting blog posts resulting from the RootsTech 2012 conference.  I want to highlight them for my own use, and thought that my readers might be interested in the compilation.

*   RootsTech 2012 Recap 1,  RootsTech 2012 Recap 2, and RootsTech 2012 Recap 3 by Amy Coffin on The We Tree Genealogy Blog.   Amy shares her experiences at RootsTech.

*  RootsTech Day 1, RootsTech Day 2, RootsTech Day 3 and The Nitpicker’s Critique of RootsTech by Banai Feldstein on the Ginger Jewish Genealogist blog.  Many pictures!  And some critiques too - a good list.

*  Following RootsTech Conference, Second Day at RootsTech Conference,  Wordless at RootsTech Conference and  Wrapping up at RootsTech Conference by the writer of the Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogy Society blog.  Many pictures also!

*  Rah, Rah, RootsTech 2012 Day OneRootsTech Review 2012: Day Two Fun, Fun, Fun, ‘Til RootsTech Took the Conference Away: Day Three, and The Last Laugh: RootsTech 2012 by Susan Bankhead on Susan's Genealogy Blog.  

* RootsTech Day 1, RootsTech Day 2,  RootsTech 2012, Day 3 and RootsTech 2012: My View by Missy Corley on the Bayside Blog.   Missy shares her experiences at RootsTech.

*  RootsTech observations from a Home Viewer by Janis on the Janis' Genealogy blog.  A watch-from-home summary.

*  My First Day at the RootsTech Conference by Marian Pierre-Louis on the Marian's Roots and Rambles blog.  Marian highlights her virtual conference experience via livestreamed presentations.

*  #Rootstech 2012 - Day 1 by Sue Maxwell on the Granite Genealogy blog.  Great pictures from Day 1.

*  LeafSeek: Share the Forest . . . as well as the trees by Emily Garber on the  (going) The Extra Yad blog.  Emily describes Brooke Ganz's LeafSeek application.

RootsTech Day 1 , RootsTech Day 2 RootsTech Day 3, RootsTech Eastman Dinner and Final Thoughts and Random Notes from RootsTech by Louis Kessler on Louis Kessler's Behold! Blog.  Excellent summary of Louis's conference experience.

*  Ryan Heaton: A New GEDCOMRolling in the Aisles Comedy at RootsTech, Tim Sullivan: A Fantastic Era in Family History  and A Monstrosity, Wonderful Thing by The Ancestry Insider writer.  Mr. AI is also a FamilySearch insider, and has an excellent summary of highlights from the keynote panel.

*  RootsTech First Keynote Address - Jay VerklerRootsTech First Keynote Continued,  RootsTech Day One RestrospectiveBack to RootsTech 2012RootsTech 2012 Digitized BooksLast Day at RootsTech 2012 the Beginnings, RootsTech 2012 Last Day Continued The Future of FamilySearch Family Tree and  Family Tree to replace New FamilySearch by year's end? by James Tanner on the Genealogy's Star blog.  Everything reported by James on Genealogy's Star is excellent!

*  What I learned from RootsTech 2012 by Annette on the AK's Genealogy Research blog.  Annette sums up her learning experiences.

*  My foray into film at Rootstech The People that you meet - 1 and The People that you meet - 2 by Jill Ball on the Geniaus blog.  Jill interviewed Darrin Lithgoe at RootsTech and did it well.

*  RootsTech - As Seen From Oregon by Susan LeBlanc on the Gopher Genealogy blog.  Sue recaps the streaming video sessions that she watched from home.

*  RootsTech Learning #1 -- Ancestral Lines Pairing SystemRootsTech Learning #2 - German Church Records  and RootsTech Learning #3 - GEDCOM X and/or BetterGEDCOM and/or FHISO by Bart Brenner on the Stardust 'n' Roots blog.  This post defines and discusses the Ancestral Lines Pairing System developed by Capers McDonald; it's a new numbering system concept. 

Un-Conferences are alive and well at RootsTech 2012! and  The Visionary Mr. Verkler by Tony Hanson on the Dallas  Genealogical Society blog.

*  What I Learned on my SLIG, APG, Rootstech Vacation by Valerie Elkins on the Family Cherished blog.

*  Pictures from RootsTech 2012 Day #1, RootsTech 2012 Day #1RootsTech 2012 Day #2  with Pictures,  RootsTech Wrap-Up and Largest Ever EOGN Dinner Held After RootsTech 2012 by Dick Eastman on the Eastman's Online Genealogical Newsletter.  

*  Seen at #RootsTech 2012 and  RootsTech for the Sorta-Geeky by Denise Levenick on The Family Curator blog.

*  RootsTech - The Pictoral VersionRootsTech and RootsTech 2 by Michelle Goodrum on The Turning of Generations blog.

*  Are you ready for some RootsTech rehashing? TODAY... Don Anderson RootsTech 2012 Interview  RootsTech 2012 Exhibit Hall Part I and IF I were to host RootsTech 2013 by Pat Richley-Erickson on DearMYRTLE's Genealogy Blog.

Rootstech minus one - the calm before the storm,  We have lift off! - Rootstech Day One Rootstech Day Two - no let-up in the pace RootsTech Photo Gallery and Rootstech - some random observations by Audrey Collins on The Family Recorder blog.

*  RootsTech Reflections, Day 1 and RootsTech Reflections--Days 2 and 3 by Joyce Homan on the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania blog.

*  Flip-Pal at RootsTech 2012 and RootsTech 2012–GeneaBloggers Talk Radio 1st Anniversary by Russ Worthington on A Worthington Weblog. Geneabloggers Radio Show on friday night at RootsTech.

RootsTech Day 1andRootsTech Roundup by Cheri Daniels on the Journeys Past blog.  Two excellent posts here.

*  My very own Super Bowl Party and My three favorite moments from RootsTech by Janet Hovorka on The Chart Chick blog.  Janet really knows how to throw a superb party!

*  Outstanding RootsTech Exhibitors by Holly Hansen on the Family History Expos Genealogy blog.

*  I Chunked my RootsTech Unplan Plan by Caroline Pointer on the For Your Family Story blog.  Lots of pictures.

*  RootsTech 2012 Tweets by Heather Rojo on the Nutfield Genealogy blog.

*  RootsTech 2012 Review: My Perspective by Thomas MacEntee on the Geneabloggers blog.

*  Rootstech the Hits and the Misses by Jenna Mills on the Desperately Seeking Surnames blog.  Jenna has opinions...a good balanced list.
I know that I have not captured every one in the 90 minutes I've been compiling this.  If you posted something about RootsTech, either as an attendee or a home viewer, please comment and I will add a link to your blog post.  I need to add my own also, I guess.

Last Updated:  13 February, 7 p.m.


gophergenealogy said...

Thank you for mentioning the Gopher Genealogy post on RootsTech from Oregon. I enjoyed the rehash last night with Dear Myrtle.

Audrey Collins said...

Thanks for mentioning The Family Recorder, Randy. And what an effort pulling all this together must have been; it's all I can do to record my own impressions, let alone keep up what all those other blogs. You've done a great job. Now I just to to follow all those links and read them...

Valerie Elkins said...

Thanks for the mention Randy and what a treat to finally meet in person!

Valerie Elkins
Family Cherished Blog

Philly Graveyard Rabbit said...

I had a great time on the wrap-up last night, too. Thanks for compiling these links, Randy! Here's a link to my posts:

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Thanks for the mention.

I'm glad to have had the opportunity to visit with you and your wife st Friday night at the library.

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