Monday, February 6, 2012

A plea: Put a link to your blog post in your blog post

As my devoted readers know, I recently obtained an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy tablet and have been enjoying using them.  One of the apps I downloaded was Google Reader, and it works great.

Except... The Google Reader app for the iPhone (I don't know about the iPad) provides no link to the actual blog post on the Internet.  This is a problem for iPhone readers who want to:

1)  Continue reading a post with a limited number of lines (i.e., not the complete post).

2)  Cannot go to the blog post to comment on it.

3)  Cannot go to the blog to review all posts on it.

The blog post title is not linked to the actual post, the blog title is not linked.

The only way to go to the actual blog post is IF the blogger includes a link to the blog post in their post.  That's why I've started adding the blog post URL to the bottom of my posts.

Note that this is only for the Google Reader on the iPhone, not for the Safari browser on the iPhone.

For the Samsung Galaxy, I downloaded the Reader app from the Android Market, and it does take the reader to the blog URL and the blog post title is linked to the blog post URL.

The URL for this post is: plea-put-link-to-your-blog-post-in-your.html 

Copyright (c) Randall J. Seaver, 2012


Joan said...

Try clicking on the post title (in blue in the google reader feed).. That's how I opened this post from google reader on my iPhone.

GrannyPam said...

I am always able to head over to a blog from my iPhone by clicking on the title. Maybe that will work for you?

Kerry Scott said...

Many iPhone users use the awesome Reeder (note the spelling) app. It's much better suited iOS devices than Google Reader.

John said...

Not sure which Google Reader app you are using, but the Google App Browser from G-Whizz Apps does allow you to click through to the website.

Andy said...

If you put your link at the end of the post... and your (1) is true (only the first part of the post shows in the reader)... how will the user see the link? You'd need to put the link at the beginning of th post (or better, ensure that your full articles are in your feed, not truncated articles).

Michelle Goodrum said...

Giving your idea a try.
ps. Love the new background.

Unknown said...

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